Research Based Development

Over the last decade, #KA has partnered with multiple companies & agencies on assessing and developing measurable outcomes in the areas of community engagement, youth empowerment and social emotional learning growth. These numbers are derived from community initiative outcomes, anecdotal survey's and continuing conversations with community leaders, politicians, parents in underserved communities and many more. CEO Jovon Dangerfield is currently Executive Director of Transitional Youth Mobilizing For Change (TYM4C) where youth participatory action groups are sharing information on what moves and affects the current generation along with S.E.L information on development that is being gathered, assessed and studied. This, along with 10 plus years of experience in community, entity and youth impact work puts us on the cutting edge of creating positive outcomes wherever we partner. Please see below for a list of current/previous partners Jovon Dangerfield/#kA has worked with that enables #KA to gather valuable information that translates into positive change in a myriad of ways. For more information on samples please submit a formal request via the contact us page.  

Current/Previous Partners

Cognitive Center/Pacific Health- Outreach Director/Executive Producer

Forge/ Cesar Chavez Foundations- Media Personality/Community Consultant

Blue Zones Bakersfield, CA- Worksite Committee assist

Taco Bros/Pasta Bowls- Marketing and Media

TYM4C- Transitional Youth Mobilizing for Change- Executive Director

American Health Services- Substance Abuse specialist

Bakersfield Music Awards- Curator, Outreach & Public Relations

Kern High School District- Vendor/Public Speaking/Youth Engagement

Love From Above Community Events- Host/Marketing/Producer

Brundage Swapmeet- Community Engagement/ Marketing

Mothers Against Gang Violence- Community Engagement/Production

Flood Ministries- Community Engagement/Prouction

Stay Focused Ministries/Hosting/Community Engagement

Room 82 (Downtown)- Community Engagement/Production

Charmed and Chosen Inc- Community Engagement

CMAC Productions- Production/Community Engagement

Sunset Riders- Community Engagement 

Transwest Security Services- Public Speaking/Staff Engagement 

Kern Sol- Community Engagement 

MLK Community Initiative- Community Engagement/EMNAC Board

Rollerama 34th St- Community Engagement/Marketing

House of Ruth Outreach- Outreach/Community Engagment 

Soar Solutions- Outreach/Community Engagment

Legion Kicks Shoe Store- Outreach/ Engagement

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