“I had it poppin but outta control, took some time off take a good look at my soul.” [sayless]

Who are you? Why do we try so hard to be everyone but ourselves. We believe the lie that anyone else’s identity is better then our own. So we take on the persona of someone else, only to look like a counterfeit, because we’re afraid who we really are isn’t good enough to give us the look that we have it all. When we all know no one has it all, no matter what’s portrayed. I guess it’s fun to fool ourselves into believing that somewhere, someone has a flawless life and if we can only attain perfection, we’d be right with them. On our online platforms silently screaming from the roof tops that our lives are perfect and we’re always having a good time. Only to log off and look in the mirror with distain. Many have gone missing, like children on the back of milk cartons in the 80s. Who are the missing? The ones that refuse to present to the world who they truly are. You are who the world is missing.