#KA School Of Music

Community program Free Tuition

This Spring will mark the opening of the #KA school of music. This school of music and arts will serve the community by providing mentorship and FREE music lessons to those in need. This program is designed for youth ages 8-17 and will be ran in 3 locations in Bakersfield, CA weekly. Students will learn to read and play music along with introductory ear training. Along with free tuition students will receive music books, audio resources and an opportunity to win a free Yamaha Keyboard at the conclusion of program. At the conclusion of program student will graduate to next tier in order of novice, semi intermediate, intermediate and advanced.

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(NOTE) School will begin with Piano lessons and expand to include drums, guitar,studio production, script writing and hip hop as program evolves-

For more information on how to fund music education for a child click here and fill out the contact form.