"you been paying for the love, you been paying for it."

I feel like I’ve been here before. The story replaying in my head the same way as last time or so I think. But last time I reviled in my dysfunctions. Shouting a billion curses from the top of my lungs. Negativity and darkness splashed on the pages of the present hoping they don’t boomerang it’s a way into my future. Motivated by pride and whose words could cause the most damage. A wrecking crew that wrecked others along with self. But this time I’ve grown right under my own nose. Situation didn’t change but I did. Lost in my own sea of peace. No longer feeling the need to prove my point. Both feet planted in the ground, healthy enough to choose my path instead of getting swept away in a wave of emotion. No longer a slave to each idle thought in my mind. This lesson has returned again but to a different kind of me.  I’m ready