”they said Poor folks never had nothing so they settle for being fly.”


What am I here for? Surely more then the club on Fridays and cook outs at the park. They say my life has purpose but I ain’t seen it yet. Every now and then I’ll get this spark and my creativity seeps through the mundane recesses in my mind and for second I see my life being more about the 8 to 5 but i feel so far away from it. How will I ever get there? It seems so distant and damn near impossible. I haven’t said it but I’m tired of the pointless BBQs and toasting to the same thing we were doing last week. There’s got to be more because I can see it. I can feel it. But the journey to the unknown, outside of my comfort zone keeps me here. Will I ever break away and get to that thing called destiny that everyone keeps talking about?